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. >> reporter: we all are concerned about what's going on in new york city. it seems as if they're getting much of the brunt of the storm and we're not feeling the full wrath of sandy here in old town alexandria. we will keep you posted on any developments. >>> let's check in now with rushern baker to get the very latest on prince george's county. thanks for joining us. what's the latest word about what you guys are hearing going on in your county? >> thank you very much for having me. we have 10 road closings in the county now. we'll post those road closings on our website so that people can be updated. >> let me ask you quick you guys got affected by some of this tonight. you lost power with your website or communications tonight? >> right, we did. we had our i.t. folks back at the largo center where our i.t. office is. so they went back over there and were able to get power restored. >> that is good news. let me ask you about the damage around town. we understand there were tree branches down onto houses, a ceiling collapsed at a home we understand in upper marlboro. what's the latest you ha
underway in ocean city tonight. the storm caused a lot of damage, town's fishing pier half gone, streets flooded, waters from the bay overwhelmed parts of the town. residents have never seen a storm like sandy before. >> that's the highest i've ever seen it. i've ridden out a couple of storms before but nothing like this before. it was a little hairy. winds were blowing real hard. >> the national guard evacuated about 50 people during the height of the storm. most failed to leave where mandatory evacuations were ordered. still there were no deaths or injuries in the town. >>> sandy still causing problems for millions of people across the northeast. let's get latest on her path with sue palka. >> sandy is still whirling through western pennsylvania producing rain and snow, but thankfully not a lot of gusty winds as it's weak understand quite a bit, but even -- weakened quite a bit, but even so it will be a while before we can kick it out of here. let's talk about what's going to be going on on the rivers for the next couple days and in particular, tomorrow and thursday. we did get a lot o
now. here in the city we're holding with temperatures in the lower 50s. it's 52 degrees. it's slow to fall here in town. the wind is still blowing just a little bit. gaithersburg has come up out of the 30s back up into the lower 40s and ght depends on -- we have the clear skies, the cooler air coming in behind the front earlier today. so that's funneling in, but if the winds stay up a little bit, it will keep temperatures from bottoming out in places. you can see most of the readings around and to the west of us are calm. here in the city we're still 13 miles per hour. that's what's keeping temperatures up in the lower 50s and i suspect that overnight tonight wind speeds will be down around 5, 6 miles per hour. so it definitely means it's going to be real cold in spots. freeze warning in places north and west. that includes montgomery county, just a frost advisory here in town and down to fairfax county, prince george's county and over towards the bay and anne arundel county, but again all those purple counties north and west, that's where it's going to get real cold tonight flirti
about another eyesore. how the city is explaining that problem coming up. >> the pictures are telling the story tonight. this is the oxon hill camera. hello, it's a little bit foggy out there. we also have heavy showers moving into the warrenton area. i'll have your forecast. >> check out the rundown. we're back. >> this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00. [ male announcer ] citibank's app for ipad makes it eaeasy for anne to manage her finances when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank. in today's economy. too many of those who are working are living paycheck to paycheck trying to make falling incomes meet rising prices for food and gas. more americans are living in poverty than when president obama took office and fifteen million more are on food stamps. president obama and i both care about poor and middle-class families. the difference is my policies will make things better for them. we shouldn't measure compassion by how many people are on welfare. we should measure compassion by how many people are able to get off
, year out for a long time. >> reporter: this city is so playoff baseball starved. you deliver and give it to them so quickly in your career. did you have any idea it would happen like this? >> two years ago when i got drafted i knew we were going to have a great team. we had a great organization with strasburg, zimmerman and werth, great staff, great group of guys. i thought we were going to win definitely. i had no doubt in my mind. i want to come out here and win for this town and this city. that's how i've always been. >> reporter: the party lasted at least 45 minutes on the field and is continuing right now. you look at this in perspective. three years ago they were the worst team in major league baseball. today they are the toast of the town, toast of the nation, in fact. the fans enjoying this one as well. i'm sure the party is going stronout on the streets. bob barnard is out there with the fans taking part in all the fun, i'm sure. bob, take it away. >> reporter: hey, scott, this is a memorable night for washington sport fans, for nats fans, for baseball fans. the few here in
be coming to a city near you, the latest attempt to compete with amazon this holiday season. wal-mart is testing same day service for oine orders. regardless of size the company will ship products from local stores eliminating time spent in a warehouse. it started last week in philadelphia and northern virginia. now wal-mart is expected to expand the program to more cities later this month and the goal? to compete with amazon in online sales during the busiest shopping season of the year and they're not the only ones. new rumors of apple's ipad mini could pose a new threat to the tablet market. >> if you look at the landscape, there is a lot of competition in terms of innovation. >> reporter: though late to the game, a lot is expected from apple's newest product. it takes direct aim at its rival's popular devices, amazon's kindle fire and google's nexus 7. while the kindle fire has seen success at its low price point analysts attribute that success to foundations laid by apple itself. >> they've done a nice job in terms of the user experience and it's all geared towards consumin
and to the southwest and that does not bode well for new york city, for manhattan, those highly populated areas there. philadelphia comes into play with this as well. if you look at this and if this is a perfect forecast, it's probably not this far out, but i think we're beginning to get a good idea where this storm is going to go, we are still on the southern end of that which means we wouldn't get the highest wind, we wouldn't get the heaviest rain and we probably won't get the greatest effects from this storm. basically we're talking about high wind, a great deal of beach erosion, very high surf along with a storm surge more than likely high tide and an astronomical high tide. so the flooding will be a little greater and, of course, there will be flooding rain and you mentioned snow, will. there's colder air to the north and west, so the higher elevations will get some snow out of this, no snow here for d.c. >> higher elevations and snow could be a silver lining, gary. >>> utility companies are preparing for sandy. bg and e is planning for hundreds of thousands of potential outages by putting work
city subway stations. we have reaction tonight from the council on american islamic relations. let's roll it. let's roll it. >> the person behind these ads believes that hitler was inspired by islam and that muslim groups control information coming out of the cia. so that's the kind of light we're looking at this through and i mean if we think about it, she probably has less of substance to add to any conversation than jersey shore does. >> geller is a radical islam activist and although her messages are often viewed as hate speech, the constitution protects her. metro will comply with the court order which says the ads have to be up no later than 5:00 monday evening. >>> new details about what went on in the obama administration right after the deadly attack on the u.s. consulate compound in libya. shawn yancy is everywhere at 11:00. >> the president's team reportedly discovered terrorist sightings the day after the attack. the national security aides and intelligence officials were divided how to move forward. it wasn't until post attack footage was analyzed days later that found
projects and public transportation like the purple line and the corridor city's transit way, a proposed rapid bus line between shady grove and clarksburg. >> many communities don't share the priorities. they don't have the transit needs we have. they have needs for major funding. >> the league says she is concerned the plan could set a dangerous precedent. >> don't we and montgomery county pay taxes that benefit the people in garrett county and prince georges county and so forth? for every dollar we sent to annapolis, we get 18 cents back. are we now going to say in addition to that? tax the citizens of montgomery county for transportation? no. i don't think so. >> the state already has a 23.5-cent per gallon gas tax included in the price we see at the pump. how much of an increase would we be talking about? >> most people talking about a statewide gas tax, we're talking about between 5 cents and 10 cents. >> the reaction among drivers was mixed. >> i would certainly support it. if it would help improve the transportation. >> i think that just keep raising rates right now and s
, it was responsible for a tornado warning up into baltimore county north of the city and haven't seen any reports of anything confirmed up there. so probably just a standard thunderstorm that didn't really cause much problem other than heavy rain. temperatures are dropping down in the area tonight. it is 60 degrees here in town, quantico 61, a little cooler in the suburbs 50 for culpeper, 52 manassas and overnight tonight it will be cold. i don't think it will be cold. we'll go 52 in town, gaithersburg 48 degrees. notice a little cooler up north and west, hagerstown sitting at 42 for an overnight low. sunday looks like the best day of the weekend, not that tomorrow looks bad. i'll explain that in more detail coming up in the full forecast. >>> the campaign trail in the homestretch, only 2 1/2 weeks until election day. can you believe so quick? up next president obama tests out some one liners in battleground virginia while the romney camp targets another swing state plus chris wallace weighs in on the upcoming third and final debate. >> coming up in sports the bad news continues for the nhl and h
their home. police say this is the man setting up hidden cameras inside the women's ellicott city home. they don't know him or how he got inside. visitors say the man went into the condo several times to move the camera around. if you recognize this man, police want to hear from you. >>> we are switching gears now in a big way to talk football. the skins are looking to get defensive against the big blue this sunday. can the d hold its own against super bowl champs? we're previewing the division rivalry game coming your way next. [ female announcer ] as you're making your decision... maybe you're wondering what to believe about mitt romney. well, when it comes to protecting your access to birth control... and the basic women's health care services planned parenthood provides... one thing we must remember, is this: i'll cut off funding to planned parenthood. [ female announcer ] he'll cut it off. cut us off. planned parenthood. we're going to get rid of that. [ female announcer ] women need to know the real mitt romney. [ obama ] i'm barack obama and i approve this message. marywe invest
and a few other spots to our north and west are in the 40s. for the city, 51 degrees, mostly 40s in the suburbs with that south, southeast wind keeping us warmer and tomorrow, 72 degrees, again, most of the daylight hours are going to be dry, definitely a dry morning commute. 6:00 tomorrow night, maybe we are starting to catch a couple showers here and there. we'll hold them off until late day. most of them will be after dark tomorrow night. so, that is what our headline is. here's your planner for tomorrow at 8:00 in the morning, 52 degrees with sunshine. sun and some clouds around at noon at 67. and still about 5:00, 71 degrees, maybe a couple showers out there, but not widespread. so a nice looking thursday with some helpful rain tomorrow night. we hope, and without the gusty winds. here's your fox 5accuweather forecast. maybe a shower in the early morning and well east of d.c. so far, so good. it looks like our temperatures will be in the upper 60s and next week, warm again. here we go. we need to keep this going into halloween for the kids. >> i'm with you. thanks, sue. >>>
night here in the city. it will be chillier than last night but not frosty cold. listen, just in case you have friends in new england and they may be talking about this, there was an earthquake tonight about 7:12 in southern maine. it was a magnitude 4. it did not do any damage or cause any injuries we're aware of in the town of hollis center which is 20-mile west of portland, maine, but it was felt over quite a big section of new england including boston and connecticut. so a 4 magnitude earthquake tonight. luckily no damage reported there. we've had clear skies in d.c., but want you to see we have a little bank of high thin clouds that will come through later tonight. it will be a real nice day tomorrow and warmer, but those clouds are associated with what was hurricane paul that has been coming ashore in mexico, fortunately much weakened storm, but it's riding along the jet stream. we're getting quite a pit of cloud cover moving across the southern part of the country and some of the rain in texas also associated with that. here's how the next two days look locally, top about 70 de
francisco to new york city while trying to raise taxes on virginians, maybe there wouldn't have been over 100,000 jobs lost in virginia. >> reporter: well, if you were following the debate tonight on the internet, you might have noticed a lot of tweeting going on. each side put their twin on the candidate's record. live in richmond, karen gray houston, fox 5 news. back into you, brian. >>> following developing news from silver spring where a man called police to tell them he'd shot an intruder. he said he found two people in his home on good hope drive and one of them was a stranger. there was an altercation. he shot the intruder. that person showed up at holy cross hospital for treatment. >>> a chilly day in our area, just a few hours to our west snowing. snowshoe mountain in west virginia sent us this video of the first real snow fall. it started falling at 9 a.m. and lasted until this afternoon. the resort won't open until december. sue palka is tracking the temperatures and letting us know when we might be able to book our first snowboarding trip out to snowshoe. >> i know your snowb
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14